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Fedora 10 -> 11 upgrade experiences

Fedora 11 came out two weeks ago, and last Friday I decided to run
through the upgrade process to Fedora 11, after backing up local files
to external disk, of course. Prior to this version, I have always done
clean installs, not using the upgrade packages.

In Fedora 9 they introduced a preupgrade kit that basically updates all
of the RPM packages on the system, leaving the system to be up and
running. Since this has been in the distro for a few versions I decided
I would try it out with my Fedora 10 to 11.

On my Lenovo Thinkpad this actually worked flawlessly. It took about 45
minutes to download and update 1915 packages at which point the system
rebooted nicely into F11. The only thing I have found that doesn’t work
as expected so far were the ALSA plugins for pulseaudio, which were
preventing my Skype audio working properly; this is a known issue on the
ALSA side. Once I removed the ALSA-pulseaudio-plugin and related
packages, all was well.

Next I tried this at home with my Fedora 9 system. Here this wasn’t so
successful. There is a known bug in anaconda (the graphical boot loader
for Fedora, which was completely rewritten for this version), and I
apparently stumbled on one of the scenarios where anaconda didn’t handle
the drive setup very well. I tried to resize the partition sizes during
the install, and hadn’t done my homework to see that this is a known issue
The install failed and when I rebooted I found that my bootloader was
gone, throwing a grub error 17 (partition is there, but I don’t know
what kind it is).

I do have this machine dual boot with Windows Vista Business on the
second hard drive, so to fix this I just had to go into the BIOS, change
the boot drive priority order, and then run the Windows Rescue disk to
fix the bootloader. I did all this and was back up and running after a
bit of time.

So, overall, a pretty nice experience, certainly with less downtime than
in the past, but I encourage everyone to first look at the known issues
wiki page to see if you might run into anything:


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