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Finally in Beijing!

We finally arrived in Beijing after an 11 hour 20 minute flight from San Francisco on one of United’s 747s. It actually went faster than I thought it might, although I am pretty close to zombiehood right now, with my body being up for going on 19 hours. Maybe its also the ozone I’ve been sucking in since arrival. The Beijing airport is impressive, hugely impressive, even. On the plane was an interesting Discovery Channel segment on a massive 3,340 ft bridge completed about a year ago in Hong Kong, called the Stonecutter’s Bridge. China seems to really revel in engineering feats. This bridge is one example; the massive Beijing airport, which is apparently the world’s largest by some measure, is another. Beijing has a population of 18 million with four million cars (hence the pollution), and Shanghai has 19 million. Next week in Shanghai, we’ll be stopping by the Shanghai 2010 Expo grounds, which open May 1st.

For now, I sip my Tsingtao and contemplate a nap before dinner.


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