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eXtensible Catalog Organization (XCO) Spring 2010 Meeting

For the kickoff XCO meeting, there were attendees from both partner institutions from the XC grant period as well as new institutions and other organizations interested in XC’s development. OCLC sent John Bodfish, who is primarily interested in seeing where XC software can be leveraged with existing OCLC software. Rick and I found out that OCLC has written a SIP2 to NCIP connector, for example, and so we could probably refactor this to add support for Aleph for the functions that are currently provided for by the SIP2 server in Aleph.

Lyushu University in Japan sent a representative, and had one participate remotely. They will be using XC components in a production environment in the next few months. Library of Congress had Rebecca Guenther and Beacher Wiggins attend. LYRASIS was represented by Cathy Wilt. VUFind sent Demian Katz. There were several people who are active with the OLE project, including John Little from Duke and Mike Winkler from U.Pennsylvania. Then there were several people from the XC component partner institutions, including Susan Singleton from CARLI, Chris Lerch from RIT, the team from Rochester (David Lindahl, Susan Gibbons, Jennifer Bowen, Nancy Fried Foster, Randall Cook and a developer, Sharmila Ranganathan), and UNC-Charlotte participants Stanley Wilder, Chuck Haymaker, and Michael Winecoff, who will also be using XC in production, along with Rochester and CARLI. Peter Murray from OhioLink attended, Diane Hillman formerly from Cornell and now with her own metadata consulting firm, and Nannette Naught from another consulting firm, IMT (Information Management Team, Inc.)

This meeting is both a capstone for the completion of the Mellon grant phase, as well as a kickoff to the new XCO, which will provide governance and financial support to XC activities going forward. I’ll report on the content of today’s meetings towards the end of the day.


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